Iggy's Apple Barrel
Iggy Squiggles
Iggy Squiggles

On an apple farm belonging to her Gramma and Grandpa, lives Iggy Squiggles, a little girl of seven.

Iggy fills her day fighting pirates on the high seas for buried treasure, solving magical mysteries in the fairy realm, and defeating villains of all shapes and sizes.  There isn't a day that goes by that Iggy Squiggles doesn't find herself on a new adventure.  Imaginary places, or magical real ones, it's up to Iggy to get to the truth and save the day.  Often she is goes on these journeys with friends like Quackers and Bugs, and many times, it's Johney Dishwater who saves the day.


If Iggy is not daydreaming about adventure, she's wandering the fields of the Squiggle's Farm saying hello to all her usual, and... unusual friends. This series will provide hours of entertainment with your child being swept up into the magical and fun world of Iggy Squiggles.

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Iggy Squiggles' friend Quackers

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