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Iggy Squiggles



J. Lynn Slipak (PEN NAME) was born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada in what was colorfully designated as the "Ontario Fruit Belt." She is a member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators), and is a Certified Freelance Writer, published author of over ten fiction and non-fiction books and a multitude of published articles. She often frequents schools and other public institutions to discuss and share her knowledge of writing, giving lectures and teaching workshops.

Under the pen names of J. Lynn Slipak and J. Spence, she has written since she was a child, as a teen writing for newspapers, magazines, a school beat column, and other publications. She went on post-secondary school to continue writing for newspapers and magazines and attended school to become a certified Freelance Writer.


She is also a published author under another pen name, J.L. Slipak, in adult fiction. She has two novels in fiction under her belt of accomplishments, several non fiction books, including photo book coffee table books, artwork, and dance non fiction books, such as her "Tribute" book. 


Her other accomplishments include: being a business owner of a dance studio for 20+ years, a calendar print company until it sold, a publishing company for six years, a mother to a special needs child, and stepmother to two, coach for the Special Olympics, a teacher/instructor for creative writing, advocate for the rights of children and aults with special needs, and remaining happily married for 29 years.


Her love of animals, nature and the fantastic or unusual, along with happy memories of childhood adventures are often reflected in Slipak's writings. Growing up surrounded by family farms and farmers left a strong impression on Slipak, one that has transitioned into the writing of Iggy Squiggles and all its characters. 

Her current projects include: a fantasy YA series, a second book to her Echoes' series, two more books in the new chapter book format for Iggy Squiggles, a reprint of the first four books in the new chapter book format. She has a book soon out, Dial 911-Dead, a paranormal adult thriller. She's outlined at least three more young adult novels... whew! Lots of surprises to come!

She hopes to offer courses and document downloads such as writer worksheets, etc. very soon on this and her other sites. Make certain you visit and follow all her sites in order to ensure you don't miss out.