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I've been writing since the age of twelve. The first time I realized that I was on to something, I was in what they called back then, language arts class., my class was given an assignment involving adventure and fun.  I wrote about Johney Dishwater. It's not every day there's a wee diver-guy swimming around your dirty dishes.


I was excited.  I couldn't wait to present my short story to my classmates. I remember their laughter and how much they loved Johney's first adventure. My teacher was pleasantly surprised and said to the class,


"Behold, a future best-selling author." I got an A+, my first.  


I was in my glory.  Not only did my story appeal to kids my age, but to an adult. And they actually loved it. I still have that story and made it into a Special Edition, Iggy Squiggles' Book. I went home and wrote more stories.


Writing does that to you. It gives such a gratifying feeling when you've completed work and it's reviewed by your peers.  To get success for something you feel passionate about, well, you wonder what's wrong with everyone... you're simply doing something 'fun', and making money at it. 


Johney holds a very special place in my heart and I just love him. Iggy came a bit later when I was in my mid-twenties. Putting her together with Johney became a perfect relationship that's stood the test of time. 


The artwork to compliment my Iggy stories is mostly done using technology, to give vibrant colors and a realistic appeal to my characters. I created Iggy splicing several characters' attributes together from different sources and then added cute outfits, poses and let's not forget the hair. The expressions were tougher, but eventually, it all came together.


I can't say how much I love writing, how hard I work at it daily, and how much I have to have it in my life.  It's like that itch you just can't reach at your back. You have to get it, you have to...  I have to write, I just have to.

Other Pen Names:
J.L. Slipak
J Spence
Ghost Writer
The Book Chatterer 
Wandering Nomad
The WRITE Affiliates
Iggy Squiggles' ladybug friend

Latest covers for "The Aventures of Iggy Squiggles" series. Special Editions. New Look is on its way with the continuation of the series in Chapter Book Format/Easy Reader Format. Coming Soon!